120 Labels for 4 oz Jars, 1.75 in. x 2.75 in, White Waterproof Vinyl

How Big Are These Labels?

These labels are 1.75 in x 2.75 in

Which Jars Do These Labes Work With?

4oz Straight Sided PET jars with 58-400 neck finish with one label on the front and another optional label on the back

4 oz white PP double wall straight base jar with 70-400 neck finish

Any container with 2 inches height clearance for the label.

Is There A Type Of Jar Material That Works Best?

Our labels will stick to any material or shape. Jars that are straight sided, hexagon; plastic or glass. But we recommend wiping the area you wish to apply the label to with alcohol to remove any cosmetic residue.

Are These Labels Waterproof?

Yes, we recommend using only inkjet inks and letting the ink dry overnight. We also recommend a professional waterproof spray coating from Krylon for long-lasting label color.

How to I Print on These Labels?

Instructions for downloading our templates are available inside each label package and at the Dashleigh website. We offer Microsoft Word, Open Office, JPG, Apple Pages, PDF for Adobe Photoshop files with the outlines of each label.

We also offer a Canva template, that allows to you drag and drop pre-designed images, icons, graphics and fonts

Are These Labels Print to the Edge

Yes, our “print to the edge” labels are perfect for a professional look. It means that you can print over the edge of the label to give a seamless and professionally polished look.

When you purchase these essential oil labels, you’ll have free access to our large library of templates – so it’s totally easy to create your own custom labels. If you specialize in creating sugar scrubs or slime to resell, these labels are perfect for sample sizes.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM 4 OZ JAR LABELS: 10 Sheets with 120 total blank rectangle labels — Label Size: 1.75 x 2.75 Inches
  • EASY TO USE TEMPLATES: Label templates now available as Microsoft Word document, Apple Pages (Mac OS), Open Office, JPG and PDF, as well as a Canva template.
  • PERFECT FOR 4 OZ JARS: Fits Most 4oz plastic or glass containers with 2 inches of clearance — Works with both straight sided or hexagon candle jars, as well. Each jar can fit a front and back label.
  • Printable Paper Style: Inkjet Vinyl Weatherproof, 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • BEST USES: Impress your customers because of the premium waterproof coating provides a professional look and feel for your professional retail jars. Use these customizable stickers for professional products, mixes, traveling, organizing your cosmetics, scrubs, slime or candles.