Angel Poly-resin Oil Burner – Wax Melter – Candle Burner – Air Freshener – Great Aroma

This artsy scentsy candle heater and oil burner comes in an elegant looking poly resin material. The realistic-looking angel figure gives this electric warmer a lovely yet classic look, making it the perfect home decor and a special gift for family and friends. It mixes traditional and modern so beautifully, thanks to the easy plug in feature and the timeless angel figurine which also doubles as stand. Just put the fragrance oil and candles to make your home smell fragrant and pleasant all day long. Use scents that make you feel relaxed and happy to make the most of this burner humidifier. This easy and simple to use warmer has a light bulb to warm tarts, scented candles, and fragrance oils.

Product Features

  • This one of a kind air freshener comes in a creative and inspiring angel figure, made even lovelier with the clouds and colorful flowers add-on, in durable and high quality poly resin material. Like ceramic, this material makes the oil burner elegant and classy–great as home decoration in the living room or bedroom.
  • This warmer comes in just the right size, small enough to be placed on tables yet big enough to draw attention. Its easy plugin feature is made possible by its built-in illuminating light bulb that warms fragrances without having to use a lighter.
  • Ease of use allows you to make your home smell fresh and inviting in a matter of minutes. You can use yankee candles, apple and rose scented oils, and other scents you love.
  • The heating pot looks perfect for the warmer, and adds a touch of classic to this modern electric burner. Best used as an aromatic tool for oils and tarts, but also works as a night light.
  • This unique and decorative oil burner would also make a perfect gift for your family and friends. Burners like this are for zen loving people who wish to fill their homes with fragrance and relaxation quick and easy.