Aromatherapy Stress Relief – Scented Soy Wax Candle – Natural Organic Relaxing Fregrance, 50 Hours Clean Burn, Fresh, Scent, Sea Salt Linen, Best gift For Mothers Day From Daughter, Son

✔create the atmosphere in your home that you desire! Our candles will allow you to relax whether you decide to choose our unique floral or sea salt aroma. Our natural soy candles burn clean and offers you numerous health benefits over the traditional chemical-smelling candles that could be hazardous to your health in the long run from inhaling harmful synthetic chemicals. 

✔So, if you’re looking for the clean scented optimal candle experience for a peaceful and unique experience, this is the one! The Scent This Luxurious perfumed candle fills your home with an uplifting scent made from orchid lilac or sea salt linen. 

✔SEA SALT AND LINEN: you can enjoy the Aroma of Sun dried linen. Creamy Warm driftwood, sea salt, soft lavender .A beautiful and fresh spring/summer scent creamy linen fragrance with a touch of vanilla, the fragrance of clean crisp uplifting fresh laundered clothes and a sprinkling of masculine driftwood it has a nice a pick-me-up scent when the energy goes down in the afternoon 

✔LILAC ORCHID The Sensational scent is light and not overpowering, a combination of vanilla sweet crisp smell of Orchid, and the lilacs is a calming happy very gentle floral scent, perfect for a relaxing evening, after a busy day , or using it while you have having a relaxing bath after a stressful day, the best way to describe is tranquillity.

✔ Great for any occasion and the perfect gift! Our high quality stunning box also makes this the perfect gift for any occasion! Whether it’s for a Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary’s, or even Mother’s Day, 

✔Perfect for any occasion! From relaxing after a hard day of work to a sensual evening, 

✔our aromatherapy candles will bring you the best experience, with a lasting duration of over 50 hours! this is ideal and versatile for any situation. 

Product Features

  • ✅YOUR PERFECT AROMATHERAPY CANDLE – A beautiful, all natural aromatherapy scented candle made from orchid lilac or sea salt linen, an irresistible scented flower perfect for relaxation, with a sweet, clean vanilla floral aroma or the sea salt linen with a warm driftwood, creamy linen scent with a fresh spring/summer scent vibe
  • ✅BUILT FOR YOU – Our high-quality aromatherapy candle is made of the highest quality with desiring scents, tested to deliver the best scent experience for you. Unlike most aromatherapy scented candles, which only contain 3-5% fragrance, our candle offers 10% fragrance to deliver a flawless experience for you.
  • ✅THE IDEAL GIFT- This is the perfect gift for anyone! Whether it’s for a Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary’s, or even Mother’s Day, this is ideal and versatile for any situation. Our natural, luxurious candle comes with a stunning box, ready to go!
  • ✅RELAXING AND STIMULATING- Our candles are made to help you relax! Whether it’s after a hard day of work, or for a sensual occasion, this is the perfect candle for any occasion. This candle will fill your home with a beautiful aroma. Unlike most artificial candles, on the market, our candles come with the highest grade natural scents that guarantees the optimum relaxing experience.
  • ✅SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- Love it or we’ll buy it back from you! Our candles are tested and inspected individually to maintain the highest level of standards. If you are not 120% satisfied with our candles, let us know, and we’d be happy to make it right!