Autism Candles Mandarin Spice Scented Candle

Our Mandarin Spice scented candles add a hint of spice to that strong, sweet mandarin oranges aroma.

These are richly scented, enthusiast quality candles from the official Autism Candles project! All are hand-poured in small batches and made using soybean wax and lead-free, hemp wicks. Every one of our aromas has been refined to perfection based on the feedback of customers like you! Our goal is to be the perfect scented candle for anyone and to pleasantly surprise lovers of potent specialty candles.

Since 2006, with the help of the local community where we were founded, this candle making project has existed to foster autism awareness and inclusion, and employ individuals with autism at all levels, from aiding in basic job training to being founded by a self-advocate. From product design to the handmade finished product, we’re proud of creating candles which are made to outperform candles found in big box stores. Support equal opportunity by enjoying Autism Candles, which strive to be the best enthusiast grade scented candles on the market!

[Warning: Never leave burning candles unattended. Please use candles responsibly on safe surfaces and keep them out of range of flammable objects, and out of reach of children or pets. To best preserve scent and appearance, store in a dark, cool place when not in use. Always trim wicks to 1/4 inch prior to lighting, and keep the wax pool free of trimmings and debris. Autism Candles are for use in well ventilated rooms, and should not be used to below 1/2 inch of wax. Candles create a lot of heat, please do not touch or move the candle while the wax is still liquid, and be careful of multiple candles together which can burn or melt things even at a distance. Autism Candles are not intended to be used as night lights or in emergency situations. Please extinguish wicks with snuffer.]

Product Features

  • Made by and supporting a customized work project employing peers with autism
  • Made with 100% soybean wax from American farmers and lead-free, natural hemp wicks
  • Formulated with high concentration, specialized, premium quality aromas to please those who enjoy richly scented candles
  • Poured and hand labeled in small batches while constantly evolving with your feedback
  • 3.2in height, 3.3in diameter, 11.5oz glass jars