BCandle 100% Pure Beeswax Candles Organic – 8 Inch Tall, 3/4 Inch Diameter, Hand Made; Tapers (Pack of 4)

– These organic beeswax candles have been produced Handmade. They are charged with positive mental images.
– Simple burning of these candles cleanses the space from negativity and protects from psychic attacks. Also ideal for fire meditation and clearing the mind.
– It is important to remember that according to the Institute of Social Ecology studies (St. Petersburg, Russia), natural beeswax, while burning, vibrates at the frequency of the spinal cord. Also great for: – meditation and prayer – energy cleansing and healing – romantic dinner – after work chill-out A burning organic beeswax candle creates a remarkable atmosphere of peace and joy.
– The bright flame of a beeswax candle produces the same beautiful light spectrum as the sun. For each pound of beeswax provided by a honey bee, the bee visits several million flowers and consumes 10 pounds of honey.
– Each candle will vary in shades of gold depending upon the flowers foraged and where the wax was used in the hive.
– Over time beeswax develops “bloom”, a white powdery fog on the surface of the wax. It is not a flaw but a natural occurrence of the wax.

Product Features

  • 100% beeswax candle made with a cotton wick and contain no lead or metal.
  • Beeswax candles provide a pure and clean-burning flame that produces very little smoke, clean the air by releasing eco-frendly ions.
  • Beeswax candles burn cleaner and longer than regular paraffin candles. Beeswax taper candles measures 8 inches and has a bell shaped top and self-fitting base.
  • Approximately candle burn 8 hours. Like most organic stuff, each of these beeswax candles is a tiny bit different from others, which makes them all pretty unique.
  • Made in USA, Handmade