Bolsius Relight Party,Restaurant Votive Candles With Gold Shaped Cup Burns Aprox. 24 Hour 18Pk.

Bolsius brand is a leader brand in high quality candles all made in europ with quality wax and wicks . bolsius manufacture tea light candles votive candles pillar candles taper candles scented candles unscented candles all kind of wedding candles party candles and more

Product Features

  • Bolsius relight votive candles to make a nice ROMANTIC atmosphere
  • Bolsius 18 PACK votive candles in plastic cup with nice gold shaped design
  • Bolsius candles are made in europ with quality wax and wicks for a nice a smooth flame
  • Bolsius relight votive candle, to be used with bolsius relight glass holders
  • Bolsius votive candles great for restaurant candles paries wedding and all nice events