CANDLE CHOICE Handmade Real Wax Bunny Battery Operated LED Candle Light with Timer Long Ear Sitting Rabbit Statue Decorative Table Lighting for Spring Easter Holiday Home Decor Decorations Gifts

The long ear sitting bunny LED light is made of real wax. It is handcrafted. Inside the rabbit statue, there are LED lights with built-in 6-hour daily cycle timer. Once the lights are turned on, they stay on for 6 hours and then turn off automatically and remain off for the next 18 hours. On the second day, they turn on and off themselves. In this spring, you can use this bunny light to decorate your home day and night.

The bunny light is battery powered and safe for home, kids, seniors and pets. In addition, the LED rabbit light flickers like a real candle and creates a warm and romantic ambience.

The Easter rabbit light is unique in the market and it is a perfect gift for this Easter holiday.

1.For indoor use only.
2.Materials: paraffin wax.
3.Appearance color: white.
4.Size: 5.5″x3.9″x8.7″.
5.Lighting source: LED.
6.Battery required: 2 AA batteries (not included).

Product Features

  • Handmade and handcrafted. This vivid sitting Easter rabbit statue is unique in the market. It is made of real wax. We combine wax craft and LED technology to make this decorative Easter bunny light.
  • Spring Easter decorations and gifts. This adorable Easter bunny figurine is perfect for indoor Easter decor and is also a great holiday gift. This spring, brighten up your Easter with the bunny light.
  • Decorate your home day and night. During the daytime, it is a beautiful Easter rabbit statue, and during night, it is a soft glow bunny light. Flickering LED lights inside the rabbit create warm and romantic ambience.
  • Easy to use with timer. There is a built-in six-hour daily cycle timer. Once you turn on the bunny light, it stays on for 6 hours and then turns off for 18 hours. This 6-hour on, 18-hour off cycle repeats automatically everyday.
  • Battery powered rabbit light. This Easter ornament is battery operated and therefore there is no fire hazard. Bunny light is safe to use with, especially when you have kids, seniors and pets at home.