Candle Wicks for Making Soy Candles – 60 Pieces, 6″ Length, Slow Burn, Low Smoke, Natural Cotton, 1 Wick Centering Device, Bonus 6 Pieces Candle Wick Stickers – Perfect for Jars Diameter from 2 to 3″

What does a soy candle making kit for beginner include?
– Candle Wicks (Cotton or Wood)
– Soy Wax Flakes
– Wick Holder
– Wax Thermometer
– Pouring or Melting Pitcher
– Wick Stickers
– Candle Dye (Optional)
– Fragrance Oil, Scents
– Glass Jars, Tin Containers or Molds for Pillars
– Ebook Guide

What include in box?
▶ 60 pre-waxed candle wicks (6-inch length), 1 wick centering device and 1 Ebook Instructions for Beginners.

What is the diameter of these wicks?
▶ It’s about 0.09375 inches or 2.38mm.

How long does the wick burn for in candle?
▶ As our nearest test, for 100g soy wax candle, it takes total 23 hours to burn out.

What size of the jar/tin/container is better for these wicks?
▶ You can make candles with tall up to 5 inches and diameter from 2 to not over 3-inch. Double wick when your jar/tin/container has the larger diameter like 4 or 5-inch.

Do these wicks work well with gel or beeswax? What type of wax are these coated in?
▶ Our Natural Cotton Wicks are coated in soy wax. They work best with soy wax and other types of wax such as beeswax, paraffin, palm wax, gel.

TIP for Position Wick:
▶ Pour wax 1/2 way (or less) and let dry. Once wax dried enough to determine that wick is centered, pour the remaining wax

How to avoid mushrooming and fix tunneling?
▶ Mushrooming occurs when the wick is too large. The flame burns very brightly and excess carbon. To avoid it, using a smaller wick size or larger container size.
▶ Tunneling occurs when the wick is too small. The flame does not sufficiently melt the whole surface of the candle. The best solution is to use a larger wick size.

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Product Features

  • CLEAN and SLOW BURN, LOW SMOKE – Braided flat by 32 ply natural cotton threads make wicks slightly curl while burning, Self-Trimming, Preventing Mushrooming; Keeping Flame Stable, Low Smoke when Burning, Burn Longer, Safe and Well.
  • EXTRA THICK and LONG ENOUGH WICKS – 2.38mm diameter thick, 6-inch length allows you to use our pre-waxed wicks for making candles with 5-inch tall and diameter from 2 to 3-inch easily.
  • ALL-NATURAL and ECO-FRIENDLY – Made from 100% pure cotton, coated in natural soy wax, our wicks are fully biodegradable and environmentally responsible. Paraffin-free, contains no lead, zinc, or other metal.
  • UNIVERSAL USE – Our Candle Wicks works well with Soy Candles, Beeswax Candles, Citronella Candles, Gel Candles, Paraffin Candles, Coconut Wax Candles. BUT we recommend use with soy wax for the best result.
  • WARRANTY and PACKAGE INCLUDES: 60 pre-tabbed candle wicks, 1 wick centering device and BONUS 6 pieces candle wick stickers to position your wick as the wax is cooling and 1 Ebook How to make a scented soy candle for beginners. AND 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Your purchase is protected by Amazon and WIKs Candle Making Supplies.