Case of 14 Tyler Scented Wax Mixer Melts or Wax Tarts – WINTER-WONDERLAND

y in their everyday lives! HIGH MAINTENANCE Our #1 fragrance!! Floral, woody blend combined with patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone! Very sophisticated and truly addictive!!!!!!! HIPPIE CHICK A hint of the frenchest vanilla bean melds with rich exotic patchouli to transport you legally to the days of the VW bus, Rock & Roll and tie dye T-shirts!!! HOLLYWOOD Lights – Camera – Action! Adjust your glam meter with this Fabulous Fragrance! So many exquisite aroma levels it is sure to be an instant hit! ICON An invigorating, fresh fragrance as legendary as the leading man who wears it! Spicy, sporty, original, and truly unforgettable! Notes of sandalwood blend with ambergris, violet leaves, French verbena, and Florentine iris to create the ultimate aromasensory experience! INTENSE A provocative masculine scent, mysterious & powerful, yet slightly youthful & naïve! IRA JEAN A tribute to eternal femininity and southern refinement! Beautiful floral bouquet of Jasmine and Rose, combines with Musk and Sandalwood. This truly captivating fragrance is then topped with a blend of fruity notes of Pineapple, Raspberry & Peach. KATHINA Sensual lily of the valley intertwined with citrus and rose. Very dramatic and overdone!! LIMELIGHT This is an invitingly clean, fresh fusion of pure mandarin oranges with a shocking touch of lime as a top note. A slight undertone of rich vanilla bean oil gives this a unique twist. LIPSTICK – (Formerly Pomegranate) Gourmet berry fragrance with a hint of sweet strawberry and the tartness of pomegranates. Appetizingly different!! MAJOR LEAGUE A masculine blend of Sandalwood, Musk & Patchouli bursting with freshness and clarity of crisp citrus and brisk herbs. Classic yet commanding! MANGO TANGO A sweet and juicy dance for the senses!! Rich mango, sweet papaya & tart guava create this luscious fragrance! Create your own tropical paradise! MEDITERRANEAN FIG Sun baked Italian figs mixed with a hint of sandalwood and musk