Cutter Scented Citronella Outdoor Candle, Cinnamon Spice, 11-Ounce

Life outside is just better. With a range of formulations to choose from, it’s easy to pick the right Cutter product for any outdoor activity, whether you’re lounging at the beach, cheering on your favorite soccer player, or just enjoying the backyard. Cutter Scented Citronella Outdoor Candles are made with real citronella oil. This 11-ounce candle burns for up to 30 hours, enhancing your deck, porch or patio with a fragrant scent! The decorative frosted glass container adds style to your outdoor space. Cutter Scented Citronella Outdoor Candles are for outdoor use only, not in enclosed areas. Burn on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface. To reduce sooting, keep wick trimmed to ¼ inch or less at all times. Remove any foreign material or liquid from the container. Do not use if glass is chipped or cracked. Be sure to burn within sight, keeping away from things that catch fire. Keep away from children. To avoid flare-ups, never put anything that can burn in the candle, and do not use water to extinguish candle, as liquids can expand the flames or splatter wax. See label for complete instructions. Create an outdoor oasis – bask in the warm glow of Cutter Scented Citronella Outdoor Candles!

Product Features

  • HOURS OF ENJOYMENT: Burns for up to 30 hours.
  • CONTAINS CITRONELLA OIL: Made with real citronella oil.
  • ATTRACTIVE GLOW: Decorative container enhances deck or patio décor while candlelight adds a soft, warm glow – for outdoor use only.
  • FRAGRANT SCENT: Available in Cinnamon Spice, Fresh Rain, Vanilla and Lavender, Sweet Cedar, Tropical Oasis, Honeysuckle and Lilac, and Unscented.
  • FROSTED GLASS: Provides sleek and subtle color that complements your backyard décor and personal style.