Ear Candling-Organic Natural Beeswax Candle Aromatherapy Birthday, for Relax Nerve, Improve Sleep (12 Ear Candles 6 Support Ear Disks)

[Usage]: Lie on your side, plug the other side of the ear with a cotton ball, insert the ear candle into the ear, ignite the other end, and extinguish it to the safety line after burning.


1. Switch the indoor lighting equipment to heating to keep the room quiet and avoid air convection.

2. Prepare the following items: a pair of aromatherapy ear candles, lighters, paper towels, a glass of water and cotton swabs.

3. Use a lighter to ignite the aromatherapy ear candle inserted vertically into the ear after burning. Fix one hand (need help from others)

4. If will scented candle burns to Halo line 1 cm, you can remove it and add Cup were out. And then use the wet cotton swab cleaning ears, and as mentioned above to another side.

Product list:

Ear candling * 12

Ear candling protection screen * 6

Product Features

  • Pure Natural: 100% organic raw materials, 100% natural beeswax, pure essential oil, environmentally friendly, handmade.
  • Health: less smoke, stable flame, safe and healthy use (no temperature after candle burning), no harm to skin.
  • Relaxation: the low micro-vacuum generated by burning ear candles can promote the release of airflow to the outside of the ear canal. The temperature is slightly higher to speed up the circulation of the ear; you will hear the sound of the flame burning, and the most primitive nature of that time is shocking.
  • Safety: This product does not contain chemicals, the natural aroma of beeswax, and protects the tray from residues.
  • Specifications: 12 PCs natural ear candling, ear candle top is flared earplugs, size for 240mm.