Electric Coffee Mug Warmer for Home/Office Use, Pyroceram Plate and Metal Shell, Waterproof Mug Warmer For Warming Beverages/Water, such as Coffee, Milk, Tea, Cocoa, Soup, Golden Brown, KieVie

Use Instruction:
This is a device for usually keeping liquid/beverage warm, it can keep liquid temperature at 40-60℃.
However it is also can be used for heating liquid from cold to warm (cannot boil) if you don’t have a stove or cooker, if you need it to heat it to 40-60 degree, it must have enough time.
For examples : It takes about 20-30 minutes to heat high up to 40℃ if you use room temperature liquid, it will take longer if the liquid is cold.
Warming effect depends on:
•The contact area between the vessel and the warmer pyroceram surface;
•The thickness of the vessel bottom;
•The material used on the vessel as well.
For best results, it is recommended to use stainless steel, ceramic or glass vessel with a thin or flat bottom.
Safety tips:
• Please DO NOT touch the pyroceram surface while it is working or recently powered; KEEP OUT REACH OF CHILDREN ;
•Wipe off the liquid immediately if it spills, DO NOT wash the cup warmer in water;
•Long period of non-use, unplug or turn off the power switch before leaving;
•Non-professionals DO NOT open the shell of the device.
•Insert the plug of the thermal insulation base into an AC220V/AC110V power supply socket.
The warranty period is one year under normal use.
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Product Features

  • This coffee cup warmer is suitable for keeping warm coffee, tea, milk, soup, solid oil, gravies, sauces, baby food or a small food, then makes your beverage or food taste good, The mug warmer also can be used as a candle wax warmer plate.
  • Certified power supply cord with on-off switch, American standard plug, 1.5 m in length. The mug heater can be used for home, office, coffee shops, restaurants and more. Suitable for any place where there is a power outlet. The heating effect is far better than USB warmer.
  • Waterproof mug warmer made of pyroceram plate and aluminum alloy shell. Its highest working temperature is 145℃, keeps the liquid temperature high at 40~60℃
  • Ultra-thin, delicate and safe design, low power consumption (18w in power & 160mA in current). The size of the coffee mug warmer is : 17mm in depth, 115mm in diameter.
  • Optional colors: black or golden brown. A fantastic gift for friends or family, it is a great gift for the people who are sensitive to cold