EricX Light Candle Tin 24 Piece, 8 oz, for Candle Making

8 oz candle tin for candle making EricX Light 8 oz 24 pack candle tins for candle makers ★ Specifications: Tin Dimensions : 3.2″ (Diameter) x 2.1″ (Height) Lid Dimensions : 3.2″ (Diameter) x 12.2 mm (Height) ★ Package includes: 24 tins, 24 lids Seamless & Rust-Resistant, easy to use and transport. Great for any number of different purposes. Perfect for DIY candle making projects, including making homemade survival candles at home. PERSONAL CARE USE: Great size for balms & gels. CRAFT USE: Use to make candles and other decorative crafts. GIFT USE: Use for party favors & packaging small gifts and samplers. STORAGE: Use for storage of small items in the kitchen, office, classroom, & more. Store thumbtacks & staples & paper clips. Store screws & nails.

Product Features

  • Dimensions : 3.2″ (Diameter) x 2.2″ (Height)
  • 24 COMPLETE CANDLE TINS-24 tins, 24 lids
  • Seamless contruction, made of high quality tinplate
  • Perfect for DIY candle making projects
  • Great storage container for craft projects and other small items