Exquizite Variety Collection – Highly Scented Luxury Tealight Candles Gift Set – 90 pcs – Set of 15 Tealights with 6 Fragrances – Lavender, French Vanilla, Rose, Apple Cinnamon, Lilac and Black Cherry

✌ Use two scented tealight candles per 100 square feet for maximum fragrance.

😎 Each tealight is 1.5 inch in diameter and 0.625 inch thick.

♥ Highly Scented 90 Tealight Candles of 6 different fragrances: Lavender, French Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, Lilac, Rose and Black Cherry. High quality tealights with highest levels of fragrances.

😍 Hand poured with love and care.

👉 Use in your votive candle holders with ease.

🕓 Burn time is rated at 3 to 4 hours.

💯 Manufacturer’s Warranty Included only when purchased from Exquizite Group. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backed by Exquizite Group.

🌷 Exquizite Group is a designer and manufacturer of premium candles and home decor products based in Lake Forest, IL, USA. We are proud to provide you the highest quality candles carefully and lovingly designed and manufactured to very precise specifications. We hope you enjoy all of our candles. We sell scented tin candles, scented tealight candles, floating candles, taper candles, pillar candles and church candles with drip protectors, Write in and let us know about your experience.

Up your ambience with candles from Exquizite Group!

Product Features

  • 💥 HIGHLY SCENTED TEALIGHTS 90 COUNT 6 Fragrances X 15 tealights per fragrance bulk pack; Beautifully colored attractive tea lights with strong pleasant aroma and lovely colors burn with no smoke; Each piece has a unique color and a distinct fragrance and is made from natural essential oils
  • ♥ 6 DIFFERENT FRAGRANCES Lavender, French Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, Lilac, Rose and Black Cherry; Makes a great housewarming gift; Use in your votive candle holder with ease; These tea lights are ideal for aromatherapy in spa or meditation or soothing stress relief and can be used outdoors or indoors; Perfect for entertaining outdoor, in the kitchen or at the dinner table by simply placing product on a heat resistant surface
  • 🎁 ATTRACTIVE GIFT PACKAGING Makes the best gift for your boss, wife, husband, grandma, son, daughter, colleague or admin; Use with mason jar, with potpourri pot, dish or oil burner; Enjoy with your family; Comes in separate packs in a decoration box, which makes it ideal for gifting; Choose from any of our combo collections: Variety Pack, Spring Pack, Summer Pack and Fall Pack
  • 👍 SMOKE-FREE High quality wick made from 100% high-grade lead-free cotton; Raw wick coated with blend of waxes to ensure smokeless burning; BURN TIME rated at 3 to 4 hours DRIP-FREE Made with essential oils – wax stays in the tealight – does not splash, sputter or spill
  • 💯 MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY INCLUDED only when purchased from Exquizite Group gives you peace of mind — BUY NOW by clicking on the Add to Cart button