Flamelike candles – Flameless Candle With Timer. Non Wax. Unscented LED Moving Wick Flame. Battery Operated. Remote Ready. Realistic. Best Flickering Action for indoor or outdoor. Great Gift Idea.

Candles bring a mellow touch of romance to homes with their softly dancing light giving a warm glow around a room. However, in the past they could be messy and present a fire hazard.

Made out of a special resin to look and feel like wax, the heart-shaped flameless candle looks just like the real deal offering more durability, and looks great in any situation where you want to create a relaxed atmosphere.

With an extended battery life of 600 hours and interchangeable batteries, there’s no need to keep buying new batteries or even new candles.

The flame flickers in such a realistic manner, you won’t believe it!

With no visible wires and a patented flame technology, you’ll find it hard to believe that this candle is flameless-but the realistic and inviting soft glow is the result of countless hours of refining and perfecting the technology to make the flame dance as authentically as possible-without any of the smell, smoke or potential dangers.

Throwing a dinner party? The flameless candle will stand up to even the most vigorous of breezes, while also being safe for use around kids and pets who can’t resist playing with the dancing and flickering flame.

Thanks to programmable functions, the flameless candle is also great for a discrete nightlight for kids-after five hours it’ll turn off, long after your child has fallen asleep to its gentle, natural light. If you’re looking for a relaxing return home, walking into a softly lit hallway is a quiet welcome away from the world.

Buy your flameless candle today and enjoy the magic of hyper-realistic candles in any situation-without any of the downsides of a real candle.

Product Features

  • ✔THE MOST ADVANCED FLAMELESS RESIN CANDLE – After two years in development in the laboratory, our resin led candles have been perfected and are finally on the market! The specially formulated resin has been designed to look like a real wax candle shell-but it won’t melt, break or crack like a wax candle
  • ✔OVER 600 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE – Our candles use D size batteries, which last much longer than the smaller sized batteries, making constant battery juggling a thing of the past.
  • ✔UNSCENTED and safe for use by people with allergies and safe for the environment, no dripping of wax to ruin furniture or to leave nasty black soot on the ceiling.
  • ✔WE STAND BY OUR FLAMELESS CANDLES- We guarantee that you’ll love them 100% or we will refund your money. Just email us 24/7. We are happy to assist. Our candles are safe to use anywhere indoors/ outdoors, as a window candle, in a lantern, wedding centerpiece, church, memorial vigil, Christmas lights….
  • ✔COME HOME TO A. SOFTLY LIT RELAXING ENVIRONMENT – Our candles come with a timer function – just set the candle for the time you would like it to come on each night. The candle will stay on for five hours, turn off for 19 and repeat the cycle until you decide to turn the function off. No more worrying about forgetting to turn candles off! It can also be used as a great night light, the led light is bright enough to find your way in the dark but it’s not too bright to make your eyes squint