Gold Wave Goods Scented Candles – Relax (Blood Orange/Sandalwood), Refresh (Eucalyptus), Stimulate (Jasmine) – Natural Soy Wax Aromatherapy 8 oz Candles, 3-Pack, Made in USA


-Gold Wave Goods candles are made from non-toxic, 100% Natural Soy Wax domestically grown in the USA
-Our wicks are lead-free, cotton-braided wicks
-Our triple-strong fragrances use essential oils and high quality phlatlate-free fragrance oils
-Not tested on animals
-Hand-Poured in small batches with love by the Gold Wave Goods Candle Crew in the USA
-Burn Time 25-35 hours per candle
-Your satisfaction matters to us! If you are not satisfied with our candles, return it for a full refund. If you do not love them, we’ll buy them back from you, no questions asked.

Beautifully and intentionally packaged in an artistically designed 100% recycled kraft box and recycled foam insert to protect your candles during shipping and to provide a wonderful unboxing & candle storage.

The art-deco/modern fusion design makes it a perfect décor addition to the bedroom, bathroom, living room, family room, dining room, kitchen or any room in your home or office.

The perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, Mothers Day, or to just say, “Thank you”. The packaging graphic design makes the unboxing even more fun! (Packaging reads “Good Smelling Things Inside”)


Relax: Top Note: Blood Orange. Heart Note: Golden Amber, Clary Sage, Tonka Bean. Base Note: Sandalwood, Teakwood

Refresh: Top Note: Eucalyptus, Herbal. Heart Note: Rose, Oakmoss, Grapefruit. Base Note: Blonde Woods, Amber, Sandalwood

Stimulate: Top Note: Jasmine. Heart Note: Lavender, Orange. Base Note: Fir, Balsam, Patchouli

Product Features

  • 【YOUR PERFECT CANDLE】 – Our soy candles are perfect for any addition to any home. We strive to create fragrances that add to the room and improve your quality of life.
  • 【HOW IT SMELLS】- Relax: Top Notes: Blood Orange, Middle Notes: Golden Amber, Clary Sage, Tonka Bean, Base Notes: Sandalwood, Teakwood
    Refresh: Top Notes: Eucalyptus, Herbal, Middle Notes: Rose, Oakmoss, Grapefruit, Base Notes: Blonde woods, Amber, Sandalwood
    Stimulate: Top Notes: Jasmine, Middle Notes: Lavender, Orange, Base Notes: Fir, Balsam, Patchouli
  • 【OUR QUALITY】 – Our candles are made from the highest quality, domestically grown GMO free 100% natural soy wax and high quality essential oils and fragrance oils. The attention to natural material and small-batch production ensures a consistent and high quality end product.
  • 【THE IDEAL BURN】 – We understand how annoying it can be to buy a great smelling candle, later to find out when burned, the fragrance doesn’t even fill up the room! So we took the time to design a candle fragrance line that could fill up a room when burned, but not so much that it is overwhelming. We also know you are looking for a long burn time, so we formulated the correct custom wick size to wax ratio to promote the maximum burn time.
  • 【THERAPEUTIC】 – Use our candles while getting ready in the morning, studying for that next exam, or winding down in the evening.