HL Submersible Tealights Waterproof Underwater LED Candle Light for Wedding Home Patry Vase Festival Valentine’s Day Decoration (Yellow, 36 Pack)

3.Switch: twist on/off
4.Function:Steady on
7.Long lasting time:more than 48 hours

How to use
1.Take the insulating strip off the light
2.To activate these lights simply twist the plastic light case closed to form a seal and activate your light.Twist in the opposite direction to turn off.

1.No Flames,No Smoke,No Melted Wax,and long lasting,safe to use.
2.Being submersible and waterproof allows you to place them in water for decorating flower arrangements, pools and water fountains, and thus perfect for lighting up vases,bowls,or any containers are filled water.

Package include:
1.36xLED Submersible lights(White)
2.72xCR2032 Batteries(Inside the Tealights)

Important Notice:
please turn on the light and remove the scrip inside of light before using it.

Please note the +/-polarity when you replace the battery.The +polarity should on the down side

This is not a toy! Please keep out of reach of children when use,in case they put the light into mouth

Product Features

  • Tiny enough to fit anywhere-Dimension:1.18*0.98in,set of 36 pack
  • Flameless,submersible,waterproof,reusable and high safety
  • Easy to twist ON/OFF:Can be turned on or off by twisting the base of unit,power supply:2xCR2032 batteries(replaceable)
  • Lasting more than 48 hours,submersible,waterproof,flameless and high safety
  • It is great for your wedding centerpieces,party decoration,birthday flower vases,floral arrangements,fish tanks,ponds and pools.