Homemade Lotion: How to Make Organic Face and Body Lotion

Create the perfect organic lotion

Have you already tried using different lotions for your skin and still get the same results? Are you tired of being failed by your lotions in getting a healthy skin over and over again? Is it hurting your pocket because they are expensive? Worry no more because this book is about to help you!

Commercial lotions contain harmful chemicals and most of us do not even know it. They are doing more harm than good in the long-run. They contain toxins that may even cause cancer. They are unhealthy and may be expensive too. That is why you need to make that shift to an all-natural lotion that is good and healthy for your skin.

Lotions act as a moisturizer for your skin to prevent it from drying up and getting damage as we get exposed every day to the many pollutants that may cause some irritations and serious skin diseases. They also act as nutritious food for the skin so you do not want to be poisoning it with toxic chemicals that we do not even know.

This book is your guide in making your own homemade lotion that is sure to give the results you have always wanted! Provide your skin with proper nourishment to keep it healthy and glowing. With the help of these recipes you can make your own personalized formula as you can experiment on different ingredients guided by the tips inside. Be amazed with the endless possibilities with your favorite scents. Choose the right type of lotion and moisturizer that is right for your skin type for soft smooth skin.

What you will find inside:

Simple Homemade Body LotionsNon-Greasy Homemade Body LotionEasy Facial Moisturizer RecipesEasy Homemade Lotion BarsHomemade Hand Lotion RecipesSimple Homemade Body Butter RecipesHomemade Sunblock Lotion RecipesHomemade Lotion for EczemaHomemade Lotion Ideas

Everything that we placed here are all quick, fun and easy to make recipes. Just put in together all the recipes and mix. You do not have to worry about the ingredients too because they are available in your kitchen and the nearest stores around you. By making your own lotion, you know what goes into your skin and you can save money as the ingredients are affordable as well. We will not only make those body lotions for your skin but we will also make those facial moisturizers and special lotions. Do all this with the secret tips we have placed inside.

It’s time to throw those harmful commercial lotions away and experience a beautiful glowing you with this all-natural and homemade lotions. Feel that smooth soft skin now!

If you are ready for the new and better you, get a grab of this book now and find the secrets inside!