Just In Time for Spring {6pc Set} 10″ Decorative Lanterns + L E D Lighted Candle w/Flickering + 5 Hr Timer Antique Looking for Indoor Ambient Home, Outdoor Patio or Party Lights, Weddings – White

Just in from our manufacturer for the fall are these 6pc sets of Decorative Lanterns with glass windows with a simple antique looking style and inside is a 3 1/2″ tall x 3 dia. LED lighted Candle as well as a very realistic slight flicker effect (which is very soothing & calming) & includes Lights which give off a soft Ambient illumination (not too bright, but, still illuminating) and each unit takes 3 AAA batteries (not included) and has an on/off switch + a 3rd custom setting for the automatic 5 hour timer if you choose & also they have a handy ring attached to the top for strolling with or hanging, otherwise they will sit flat on any flat surface…

Product Features

  • This is a great item to put in, on, & around your Christmas Tree, Fire Place, & back Patios. It is designed well in my opinion & I have personally been using one as a nightlight & to move around the house after midnight since I don’t sleep well & I find myself gazing at the flickering until I fall back asleep) they comfortably hang on your Christmas tree Branches & are lightweight (even though they look like heavy metal) they are simply made with nice detail & a fine replica of something old.
  • Overall Size is: 10″ High x 4″ x 4″ Wide (Squared) …………….Weight Per Unit is: 14 1/2 Ounces………..Each Unit requires 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included), however with it’s powerful extra long lasting L E D (Soft Flickering Lighting) & Unique Patented Design let’s your purchased choice of batteries last an extra long time
  • Also as an added bonus each unit is specially made with a 5 hour automatic timer to turn off regardless of how many Drinks (AKA Shirley Temples) you have had. LOL!…….Also, they have a switch from 5hr auto timer/on & off & don’t forget because of their L E D Lights, they will not ever get too hot to handle
  • Buyer Will Receive 6 total Units with each purchase & they will look exactly like the ones in the photo
  • Use them for so many different things such as, Holiday or Indoor or outdoor Ambient decor during family barbecues, Late night patio parties, wedding & other events & parties, also, if your power ever goes out (very handy – trust me!) or decorate your fairy gardens, or buy them to DIY Crafting with their simple metal structure it’s just perfect for personal Embellishing with your beads, crystals, & other fixings & findings & either give them away as gifts or sell them at fairs