Kingleachy Scented Candles Set,Aroma Candle All Natural Soy Candles Strong Fragrance,Premium Glass Candle with Pink Box,for Gift and Home Decor Aromatherapy/Set of Pomegranate Flavour Candles.

These scented candles have features exceptional gift packaging and amazing aroma that not only creates a romantic atmosphere, but also help you relax during the day.

Expressing love and care by giving a scented candle as gift, this is a sincere gift for any occasion, any relationship and any age! We are always committed to product improvement, from fragrance to packaging, from raw materials to after-sales service…

We do our best to make all customers shopping here happy, satisfied, and hope that all customers who buy Kingleachy scented candles like our products. Beautiful and interesting scented candles belong to fashionable people who are passionate about life.

Product description:

Imported essential oil fragrance, mixed with many kinds of potpourri,is fresh and elegant, soft and not pungent;
The bottom of the aromatherapy candle cup is made of iron sheet to make the candle burn more thoroughly;
Soy wax is a new generation of aromatherapy wax. The smokeless core burns smokeless and is economical and environmentally friendly;

Product specifications:

Name: aromatherapy candle
Material: pure soy wax + essential oil
Set weight: 1.1 lb
Candle weight: 0.11 lb
Burning time: 15 hrs

Aroma: Pomegranate

Packing list:
3 * Pink scented candles with gift box .

Product Features

  • From the tip of the sniff nose to the mind relaxation, places yourself as if in the fairy tale world, feel romantic and graceful.
  • All may enjoy the life. To live a life by lighting a candle,smelling the fragrance, you can relax your body and mind. Better to light one candle like the petals,bringing aroma; You like it whistles across the sky, total involvement relaxation and mentally peaceful.
  • These candles have fresh fragrance of flowers, create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere and are suitable for various occasions.
  • Pure natural soybean wax and Swiss – made essence are used to protect pure cotton candlewick. Besides, the smokeless design is safe, environment-friendly and pollution – free, which does no harm to children, pregnant women or any group of people.
  • Due to the pure plant ingredients, the candle can be of full combustion, mild fragrance and not hanging the wall of it. What’s more, The candle is delicate and transparent, which can moisten hands. As it is originated from nature, the fragrance of the candle is more natural.