Mosquito Repellent Slap Bracelet Wristband. SET OF 3 with your order. All natural oils. NO DEET. Safe for kids. 180 Days of protection. Refills Included. Insect, bug, mosquito repellent. Cute

Are you tired of using chemicals and other nasty sprays to protect you and your kids from annoying mosquitoes. These bracelets are a fun and all natural alternative to nasty chemicals. You get 3 cute character slap bracelets with refills for you and your family to enjoy. NO DEET or other chemcials used, the all natural oils are infused into silicone and are safe for anyone. Get them today and enjoy being outside!

Product Features

  • REPELS MOSQUITOES AND OTHER BUGS : The all natural oils infused into the replaceable pod provides fun and safe protection for anyone while outdoors. NO liquid NO batteries, Just remove bracelet from resealable package, slap on wrist and enjoy a bug free day!!
  • STAY BUG FREE ANYWHERE : These bracelets provide a fun and safe all natural alternative to conventional bug sprays and repellents. Use them at the BBQ, Beach, Park, or just playing in the yard. Attach them to your Wrist, Stroller, Backpack or anything on your person and be protected!
  • MADE OF STRONG, SAFE SILICONE : These bracelets are soft and strong.The bracelet is Slap Style and covered in silicone. It provides a comfortable experience for all day use. They will provide you many days of fun outdoors with the family. The replaceable pod is also made of silicone and is held tightly in place, but easily removed to replace with a new one. Bracelet stays securely in place on children or adults.
  • WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE ! : You will receive three different brightly colored and highly detailed character bracelets with your order. ( CRAB, STARFISH, TURTLE). Each bracelet will come with 2 pods that each can provide up to 30 days of bug free fun. For a total of 60 days per bracelet. (Used 8 hours per day and resealed in bag) Each bracelet will come in its own resealable bag so that you can enjoy maximum life from the natural oils.