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Decorative handmade gift carved candle

Height about 6.70 in., weight about 0.76 lb.
This unique gift carved candle is entirely made by hand from environmentally clean materials. It has an excellent gift box and will surprise you and your loved ones with its distinctive beauty and originality. It will easily create a romantic atmosphere, and decorate the interior appearance of your house, give aesthetic pleasure and accentuate your individuality.

Distinctive features of my gift candles:
– VERSATILE. It is an excellent present for your mothers, beloved women, colleagues and loved ones. Handmade gift carved candles will decorate and emphasize significance of any event. They will easily turn an ordinary day into a festivity!
– UNIQUE. Every carved candle is made entirely by hand. Custom designs are available, simply contact me.
– HIGH QUALITY. I only use special-purpose environmentally clean materials for my gift candles. You may rest assured for your health safety with them.
– PACKAGING DECOR. All my decorative carved candles have a gift box.
– AVAILABILITY. Pleasant prices. Free shipping.

Create a coziness around yourself, decorate your space, give emotions and warmth with “Art Blaze” gift candles, made especially for you!

ATTENTION: Due to uniqueness of the product, its quantity available in stock is limited!