Organic Bath & Body: Make All Natural Bath Bomb, Body Butter & Body Scrubs


Make All Natural Bath Bomb, Body Butter & Body Scrubs

What if I told you there was an alternative to store-bought bath products –specifically bath bombs, body butter and body scrub?

That these alternatives are not only less expensive but also healthier for you and your family?

And what if you could make these products right now with the items you probably already have in your kitchen pantry?

Would you be interested?

If you thought that Bath Bombs, Body Butter, & Body Scrub are self-indulgences beyond your budget, then this book was written for you.

Learn the secrets of creating effective organic bath products, safe from harsh synthetic ingredients – the secrets commercial manufacturers don’t want you to know. Discover how to keep your entire family safe from these ingredients and in fact boost their health with the amazingly active ingredients in these customized products like essential oils, for starters.

This book reveals the general “formula” for making bath bombs, body butter as body scrub that allows you to substitute customized recipes that are tailored to your special needs.

Not only that, but once you begin making these products for yourself, that soon you’ll be making them for family and friends as birthday and Christmas or “anytime” gifts and share the love, indulgence and the healthy benefits.

If you’ve been longing to be able to splurge on organic bath products, products like bath bombs, body butter, and body scrub but feel that the habit is beyond your budget, then you should consider making your own organ bath products.

This easy-to-read, concise guide is exactly what you need to create amazingly awesome products that not only will heal your body but your soul as well. Imagine rubbing the stress of a hectic day with just a dollop of mango butter or a lavender body scrub.

Now is the time to stop dreaming of a soothing bath routine and create a new bath ritual. You’ll be amazed how easy it is. Why not buy this book right now? By tonight, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of your efforts. Yes, it really is that easy!

This Book is divided into 3 sections, first one about how to make Bath Bomb then Body Butter and Last section is all about how to make Body Scrubs

Bath Bomb

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Body Butter

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Body Scrub

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