Pangea Organics Candle | Canadian Pine with White Sage | Best All-Natural Candle | Pine Scented with Essential Oils | 100% Vegetable-Based Wax | Lead-Free Wicks | Approximately 50 Hours Burn Time

There are few things more purifying than time spent in the Rocky Mountains. Wind in the pines clarifies the soul, and the scent of sage refreshes the heart. Cold rivers that ring true like bells silence the mind, and moss-adorned logs oxygenate the body. Strike a match and allow Pangea’s luxurious Candle to usher you toward this elevated sense of aliveness, rejuvenation and presence. Created with the finest essential oils of Canadian Pine and White Sage, it will make every room feel alight with nature. As with all Pangea products, our 100% vegetable-based wax Candle is completely free of synthetics, preservatives, toxins or dyes-so please remember to breathe deep and shine bright.

Product Features

  • PURE SCENT: Designed w/ pure essential oils for highest-quality scent & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ALL-NATURAL: Made with lead-free cotton wicks and 100% vegetable-based, synthetic-free wax
  • CLEAN BURN: Fills several rooms with clarifying freshness for approximately 50 hours
  • AROMA-THERAPEUTIC: Uplift your body and soul with purifying Canadian Pine and Calming White Sage
  • CUSTOMERS SAY: “High-quality candle burns a long time!” | “Calming scent helps me stay relaxed!”