Partylite Scented Jar Candle New Escential Jars (Harvest Spice)

Harvest Spice: The rich scent of delicious fall fruits warmed with spices, woods and vanilla.

The Fragrances: PartyLite works with the finest fragrance houses in the world to develop a vast palette of welcoming scents.

Years of scientific research and perfumery training go into creating PartyLite’s fragrances.One scent can contain up to 100 different ingredients.PL searches the globe for the highest quality sources for their fragrances, using only the finest natural essential oils and manufactured ingredients.Each candle form delivers a different amount of fragrance, from lightly scented to highly fragranced. Select the form with the right amount of fragrance for you!All fragrances comply with worldwide safety standards established by the International Fragrance Association.PROPRIETARY WAX FORMULA:All PL candles feature PL’s proprietary wax formula, a custom blend of high-quality natural wax and food-grade paraffin that is specially crafted to deliver the very best fragrance experience and performance.Expertise, derived from over 100 years of candle making, guides formula creation process from start to finish.The wax blend differs for every candle form to achieve the perfect balance of appealing fragrance and a clean, long-lasting burn.PL’s wax blends are free from harmful impurities and are safe for consumers and the environment. All wax formulas are compliant with worldwide regulatory and safety standards.THE WICKS: Lead-free, 100% cotton wicks provide a clean and even burn.A specific wick is chosen for each candle form to ensure the best wax consumption.PL selects from over 100 wick designs to find the perfect match for every candle.PROUDLY CRAFTED IN THE USA AND UK!

Product Features

  • Harvest Spice: The rich scent of delicious fall fruits warmed with spices, woods and vanilla.
  • Perfect for every room, everyday. There’s a color to suit every decorating scheme.
  • Available in almost 50 signature fragrances
  • Highly fragrance wax formula wraps a room in rich scent
  • Burn time: 40-60 hours