Pure Organic Aromatherapy Beeswax Tins – 1.7 Ounces – By Big Dipper Wax Works Inc. (Serenity)

Big Dipper offers the highest quality candles crafted from pure beeswax!

* From the beginning, Big Dipper has been committed to the well-being and satisfaction of our customers, beekeepers, and community.

* Socially and environmentally responsible business practices have always been a focus at Big Dipper. We are committed to creating products and a work environment that contribute to the health of our community and the planet.

* We support local, responsible beekeepers by not only buying their product, but also by supporting a variety of education, research, and grassroots organizations that are working to sustain a healthy beekeeping community.

Product Features

  • ✔️ PURE BEESWAX – Beeswax candles are naturally dripless and smokeless and tend to have a longer burn time than candles made from other waxes.
  • ✔️ NATURAL – We strive to use the highest quality ingredients to create our products, using only pure beeswax to ensure a healthy and natural candle.
  • ✔️ HANDMADE – Our team is full of highly skilled and dedicated staff who dip, pour, and create our candles with precision and care.
  • ✔️ ZERO TOXINS – Beeswax is naturally aromatic, infused with the sweet, subtle scent of honey. Nontoxic and nonallergenic, beeswax candles burn clean and soot free.
  • ✔️ LONG BURN TIME – The high melting and burning temperature of beeswax translates into exceptionally long 12 hour burn time. While burning, their golden flames glow with the same energy and spectrum of light as the sun.