Quail Lane Candles – Apple Harvest – Cinnamon Infused Soy Wax Scented Candle – Long Lasting – Highly Fragrant – Clear Straight-Sided 6 oz Jar with Self-Trimming Cotton Wick – Hand Made in USA

Our Apple Harvest scented soy wax candle has an aroma of true ripe apples. Apple Harvest may be the apple scent you didn’t know you needed and can’t live without. We invite you to Indulge Your Senses and enjoy this pure American Soy wax candle scented with non-toxic fragrances and essential oils. Our Apple Harvest Scented Candle not only smells amazing but is also eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. It is longer, cooler and cleaner burning without soot buildup, so you won’t see soot and dark buildup on the side of the jar as you would from other waxes. It has year-round appeal and will send you running to the store for an apple pie. Every candle is handmade, hand poured and are made in the USA.

Product Features

  • PERFECT GIFT: Our Apple Harvest candle is a perfect gift for anyone; including yourself. A gift that will provide long lasting memories and great aromas. A delicate smelling gift that will remind you of the outdoors and the smell of ripe apples.
  • MEDITATION: Candle light meditation is a gentle way to stillness. Take a few deep breaths as you stare at the candles flame and allow your mind to relax. The flame can be hypnotic and create a state of trance and peacefulness. Allow the flame to help you feel the tranquility you seek and allow your mind to be still.
  • AROMATHERAPY: Fragrances can have an uplifting effect on both the mind and the body. Aromas from essential oils can affect our mood and energy increasing health and happiness. Some aromas bring about calmness and help to relieve stress. Other aromas may help with emotions and help to balance energies. Our Apple Harvest scented candle will help with stress, focus and aid in sleeping. Plus, it gives you the awesome aroma of ripe apples and hot apple pie.
  • ROMANCE: Nothing says romance like a candle does especially for an intimate dinner for two or for a cozy dimly candle lit bedroom. Low light tells our bodies it’s time to relax causing us to feel at ease. The atmosphere for love and romance is enhanced and we tend to get bedroom eyes with the darkened environment which sets the mood. Highly fragrant candles like our Apple Harvest candle infused with cinnamon and vanilla will increase your mood for romance.
  • VEGAN: Our Apple Harvest soy wax candles are vegan; made 100% from soy bean oil and do not require any animal products in their production or use. Our soy candles are infused with natural essential oils including cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange peel, cedarwood and vanilla. Our Apple Harvest Candle not only smells amazing but is free of harmful chemicals, easy to clean up with soap and hot water. Soy wax candles burn slower than paraffin candles and are very stable allowing for a long shelf life.