Royal Imports Candle Holder Glass Votive for Wedding, Birthday, Holiday & Home Decoration by, Shot Glass, Set of 72 – wax filled

Illuminate your home or special event with these attractive clear glass votive holders by Royal Imports. These 2″ shot glass shape candle holders These 2″ candle holders are filled with high quality wax with a cotton wick which will burn clean and smokeless. The shot glass shape candle holder is commonly used as mini desert cups to serve cut-up fruits or frozen treats. These glass votives are made of high quality tempered glass which is safe to use as a candle holder because this special glass will not get overheated. Place it on a table or in a lantern to create an attractive addition to any occasion, including, wedding reception, garden, spa, bedroom, etc.

Royal Imports brings the highest quality glassware and candle holders to the floral and event industry. Each 2X2 inch candle holder is crafted to perfection thus creating a sleek, flawless accent.

Popular with:

• event planners
• florists
• interior designers
• restaurants
• home decorators

Overall Dimensions

• Width: 2″ opening
• Height: 2″

Packaged 72 votive holders per pack.

Product Features

  • QUALITY & SAFETY: This 2″ shot glass shape votive candle holder is crafted of the highest quality glass to enhance its appearance and prevent it from overheating or cracking. Each votive features unscented, natural, quality wax. Freezer safe and dishwasher safe.
  • BEST SELLER: These clear glass votive holders are best sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. From home decorators, to event planners, a high quality traditional candle holder is always put to good use. It will enhance any event with its warm light and bring upon a sense of harmony and romance.
  • USES: These beautiful filled votives are commonly used as: party favors, emergency light for power outages, aromatherapy, outdoor patio ambience, restaurant tables etc.
  • BURN TIME – Provides approximately 15 Hours of warm ambient light – CAUTION: These wax filled units are sold for SINGLE USE ONLY, if you want to use them refilling with new candles you are doing it at your own risk – Place your candles on a flat surface – If multiple candles holders are lit keep them apart, putting them too close to each other can cause the casting to be too heated posing a safety hazard – Always keep out of reach of children pets and away from flammable materials.
  • PACKAGING: Pack of 72 candle holders – carefully wrapped to prevent damage.