Sale! Harvest Pumpkin Spice Reed Diffuser by MINX Fragrances | Spicy Autumn Smell | Fresh Pumpkin Pie | Cinnamon Ginger and Nutmeg scent | Filled in Beautiful Autumn Holiday bottle.

Let MINX Fragrances® Perfumed Reed Diffusers delicately infuse your surroundings with our new Sweet Pumpkin scented fragrance oil reed diffuser.

Reed Diffusesr have been proven to be the most effective way to add scents to our living space; it is a safe, flame-free home fragrance solution with bright, vibrant scents. Turn reeds over once to expose oil-moistened diffuser reeds to the air. The oil will continue to wick up the diffuser reeds, scenting your room for several months. To intensify the scent, occasionally flip the reeds.

Once the rattan reeds have been placed in our alcohol-free solution, it can take up to a week for the diffusers to release their peak amount of aroma. If you are ever craving an extra pop of fragrance, simply flip the reeds.

MINX Fragrances Perfumed diffusers fill your surroundings with pure, peaceful fragrance as they radiate tranquility and freshen your home. We are committed to making beautiful home fragrance products for the modern home with a focus on effortlessness, charm and sophistication. We pay special attention to the details, knowing that our products must naturally compliment the beautiful spaces in which they exist. All MINX Fragrances products are made with care in the U.S.A. by people like you, who really like their home to smell nice and who care about the environment.

If there is one accessory with which to adorn your home, let it be a MINX diffuser!

Product Features

  • ✾ Spicy Pumpkin Pie notes of Cinnamon, Ginger and Nutmeg.
  • ✾ Reeds release continuous scent into the air for over 120 days.
  • ✾ No remembering to spray, light a candle or turn on the atomizer.
  • ✾ Absolutely no heat is needed to enjoy aromatic diffuser reeds.
  • ✾ Our Reed Diffusers use only the highest quality essential oils made in the USA. 100% alcohol free, Safe for the environment