Sandalwood, Rose, Fig, Mid-Summer Night Garden Scented Candle, 50 Hours Burn, 8 oz, White

Like stealing a midnight summer stroll into a dewy garden. A luxurious candle that is made with eco-conscious ingredients. This long-burning, lightly scented candle is made in small batches using 100% soybean wax and the finest fragrance made of superb quality oils & raw materials formulated by our perfumer. High quality even extends to our 100% cotton wicks which are chosen for their weaving quality and compatibility with the glass jars, so you’ll never experience any wax tunneling. The health of the environment and well-being of our customers is of highest priority, so our candles are environmentally friendly (no petroleum, paraffin, palm oil is used), non-toxic (SGS tested) and vegan.These burn for up to fifty hours and come in a lovely gift box. WHAT WE STAND FOR: A Meroë Home candle is not an ordinary candle. We are not about making products as cheaply as possible to turn a profit. We research and we practice until we get our products just right. We work with people that are passionate about what they do, people who are experts in their industry. Visit our website,, to read more about our brand and our story. ///// TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR CANDLE: For the fragrance to fill the room, the size of the room matters! The scent throw of one candle is ideal for mid-size rooms up to 150 square feet. It typically takes a few hours of burning before the scent is noticeable in the room. ///// SAFETY: Use smart & safe burning techniques to get the most out of your candle: Burn for no more than four hours at a time and trim the wicks before lighting each time. Keep away from drafts.

Product Features

  • GRACEFUL DESIGN & OF THE FINEST QUALITY: Our candles are designed to be proudly displayed in your home. We embrace design that embodies timelessness, taking special care with the details. Art and utility can live in harmony. We source only quality ingredients including cosmetic-grade soy wax and luxurious fragrance oils formulated with attention & care. Our candles are non-toxic & vegan so you can burn them without guilt.
  • LONG-BURNING & EVERLASTING AMBIANCE: Our candles come with an Olympic burn time, up to 50 hours. Even the cotton wicks have been chosen carefully to create a candle that burns evenly with no tunnelling effect.
  • LET US TAKE YOU SOMEWHERE: Each of our fragrances is influenced by a real place because it is our way of preserving distinct cultures and geographies that we feel moved by. Perhaps you too will notice what we notice next time you visit these places.
  • BECAUSE PERFUME SHOULD NEVER BE OVERPOWERING: We offer exquisite yet delicately-scented candles specially crafted for the candles by our artisan perfumer. You’ll never get a headache, and your home will never smell cheap, but your home will look inviting and beautiful.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We strive for complete customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not happy with your candle, we are happy to provide a full refund or replace your order. Please CONTACT US directly, we are a small business that cares about our customers.