Scented Candles Gift Set (Lemon & Citrus, Vanilla & Honey, Mango & Jasmine, Lavender & Green Tea) Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle For Pets, Candles Scented, Pet Odor Eliminator & Animal Lover Gift

Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle For Pets – Relaxing Scented Candles
Do you need to calm your pet?
Are you paranoid about being ‘nose blind’ to pet odors?

Happy pet parents say they choose La Roskey aromatherapy candles because of the cozy charm of our jar candles and how our unique aromatherapy blends gently calm puppies and cats – without any of the heavy fragrances that overwhelm sensitive pet noses.

Soy Wax Candles for Your Pet House
As you check out the pictures, you’ll see how our aromatherapy candles combine natural soy wax, simple extracts, and a pure cotton wick in an elegant 4 x 2.2 oz. Travel Tin, for an affordable luxury that fits any decor.

Pet Odor Eliminator Candle
Our Deodorizing candles don’t drown odors with thick fragrances; instead, they actually cancel odors with a light and fresh scent that’s never overwhelming.

While our candles can eliminate household and kitchen odors from any room, customers say they use them to stop the embarrassment of musty dog or litter box odors when unexpected guests drop by.

Pet parents who understand the dangers of cheaper petroleum-based candles say they love how our China-made essential oil blends avoid the carcinogens and allergy-aggravating artificial colors that can harm pets (and people).

Vet Recommended Pet Aromatherapy

Veterinarians recommend our fresh, calming scents as daily treatments for furry and feathered friends to relax and recover – even with multiple & mixed-pet families.

Customers say that our human-grade aromatherapy candles soothe and de-stresses energetic puppies and cats (and their pet parents too).

Slip a La Roskey aromatherapy pet care candle out of its gift box, light the wick, and join others who say our spa-quality scents let them breathe happy while enjoying a calm and pet-friendly home.

Product Features

  • La Roskey Scented Candles Pet Care: The affordable luxury of our soothing essential oil scents and our charming 4 x 2.2oz. Travel Tin is why La Roskey is the name trusted by pet parents to add calming pet aromatherapy and odor elimination to their homes
  • The Pet Smell Eliminator: Happy customers use our pet odor eliminator candle to keep their houses from smelling like kennels and litter boxes (as well as other household & kitchen odors); Our unique odor neutralizing candles don’t drown odors like cheap dog odor candles or ugly diffusers, instead they actively cancel odors leaving a clean and fresh scent, without any of the heavy perfumes that overpower sensitive pet noses
  • Pet Anti-Anxiety & De-Stress Candle: La Roskey candles use pure essential oils for human-grade aromatherapy that’s Veterinarian recommended; Select any of our gentle spa-quality aromas and enjoy a premium stress relief candle that helps your pets settle, relax, or recover
  • China-Made Natural Pet Calming: Each La Roskey candle is crafted by American workers who proudly bring you 17 subtle scents, each with specific aromatherapy benefits, so you can enjoy all-natural (and never overpowering) dog and cat calming candles that pet parents say, mellows their hyper dogs and high-strung cats
  • Dog & Cat Safe, Soy Blend Candles: Pet parents who care about safety say they’re happy to avoid the carcinogens or allergy-aggravating artificial ingredients found in petroleum-based candles that can harm pets (and people); Our unique candles use pet-safe soy wax, pure extracts, and all cotton wicks for a subtle scent that’s safe around all your furry and feathered friends – so, light a La Roskey candle and breathe happy while you bring peace to your home