Scented Natural Organic Non Toxic Soy Wax Wooden wick Candle |Long Lasting Candles With Fragrant Aromatherapy Essential Oil Luxury Fragrance for Home Decorative Gift Idea for Relaxation and Meditation

Created by S.Scents We take pride in our small family business and to share with your love and bring you a piece of the warmth from our home to yours. After testing with a mixture of blends of natural, organic, non-toxic essential oils, we are proud to bring you currently with three of favorite scents to fill our home. Living the city life and busy schedules, we’ve designed our organic soy wax candles with wood wicks, to try to bring a piece of mother nature into our lives. Our goal is for sustainability, for the planet, and our communities. We hope with these candles, can help one attain peace, tranquillity, and relax from the daily struggles and be able to work towards taking care of our planet together.

Product Features

  • Tranquility|balance in the aromas of clean scented fragrances to invoke a calm state of being, space.
  • Eternity| large long-lasting burn time for up to 60 hours to open the feelings of timelessness. Be peaceful, stress-free and relax
  • Assurance|100% money back guarantee as a small family-owned business believes in “guest” satisfaction within 30 days
  • Wilderness| 100% natural non-toxic organic soy wax made with essential oils and a wood wick for a crackling sound and safe fresh breathing.
  • Elegance|Great for gift set for home, women, anyone! Luxury decor for bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen