Scents Between [Dessert is Served] Signature Scents Pumpkin Spices Warm Pie Luxury 12 oz Fragrant Scented Hand-Poured Wax Gift Candle with Wick and Glass Jar Lid 20 Hour Burn Time

This single wick classic 12 oz scented candle, has a robust, aroma that soothes the senses and revitalizes the spirit. Each of these candles are lovingly hand-poured and fragranced as a sign of our dedication to the artesanal craft of creating the best possible candles. This premium scent will shower you in a wave of delicious pumpkin, spices, and warm pie fragrances. Whether you’re using it to create the perfect ambiance for a cozy night in, or you long for the the titillating taste of your favorite dessert *without* the added calories, this rustic jar candle will transport you to a jubilee of tasty treats like no other. Good for home decor, or as a gift for special occasions, for someone you love. These beautiful classic styled scented candles will keep your household feeling festive and smelling great. Savor its rustic aromatic essence that will invigorate your senses every time you light its wick. Made in the USA with a 12-15 hour burn life. To prevent accidental fires, be sure to keep the eight-ounce glass-container within sight at all times, and away from flammable materials; burn until wax melts evenly.

Product Features

  • FRESH SCENT: This is a classic glass jar candle with the delicious smell of pumpkin, spices and pie.
  • HOLIDAY FAVORITE: Good for home decor, or as a gift for special occasions, for someone you love.
  • AROMATHERAPY: This rustic candle will immerse your home and senses in a warm, delicious pie aroma.
  • PRODUCT INFO: This is a lead-free hand-poured wax candle in an 12 ounce container with glass cover.
  • INSTRUCTIONS TO USE: Keep candle within sight at all times; recommended to use for 4 hours and less.