Slice of the Moon: Sparkle Pearl Mica Powder 1oz, Cosmetic Mica, Soap Making, Candle Making,Resin Dye, Lip Balm, Eye Liner Mica

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Sparkle Pearl mica powder is light cream especially when spread on a white background. However, it becomes immediately obvious that this mica is far from ordinary when it is struck by light
It is a very smooth powder and very fine to touch and feel between the fingers. It has a particle size range of 10-60 microns. It is also consideredIt is beautiful and very “girly”. Its pigment size ranges from 10-60um and is quite smooth to the touch. You are purchasing one ounce (1oz) of rose red mineral mica powder. This mica mineral powder has sparkle characteristics that shimmer beautifully in creative projects and or works. You can look forward to the high shimmer factor when mixed in with your mediums for make up and nail polish. Make your own cosmetics such as makeup, nail polish and more. Perfect for a range of crafts : resin, epoxy, nail, hair, automotive, soap, bath bombs, slime, candle making, cosmetics, crafts, jewlery, body creams, lotions and much more. See what you can invent.

Product Features

  • NATURAL MINERAL MICA POWDER – Slice of the Moon natural mineral mica powder. A matte like blue with shimmer. Cosmetic grade mica for cosmetic and creative applications. Use for eye shadow to accentuate and beautify the eyes. Use also for lip balm, eye liner. Use as dye for soaps and candles and even bath bombs
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: This is professional grade cosmetic mica for those who want to create or use professional grade clean products. Not recommended for those who just need mica for arts and crafts and who don’t mind heavy metals in their mica. Ensured to give the best quality for the best results. No heavy metals and not left over baggies. Certificate of Analysis provided upon request.
  • FOIL SEAL PACKAGED: Comes in foil sealed professionally packaged wide mouth shatter proof container. Contamination prevented by foil sealing containers and not baggies. High quality sanitary packaging for sanitary use. For your lips, sensitive skin and your precious eyes. Quality clean safe products for a healthy finished product. No need to worry about contamination between baggie flaps. Containers twist off and twist on for safe storage and use. Making it a safe product to use for all the part
  • VARIETY OF COLOUR CHOICES: Pearl mica powder is available in a variety of colors. Iridescent Cream, Shimmer Cream, Crystal, Pearl and Shimmer. Those who want to be professionals know how to focus on what they want to accomplish. We help you do that by focusing on one colour grouping at a time. We do not like to confuse you by mixing too many colours at a time. We do not want to distort your focus.
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