Three Spirit Goods 8 oz Gold Cedarwood/Lavender Candle – Clean Burning Soy Wax, Pure Essential Oils Scented, Organic Hemp Wick, Reusable Tins, Hand Poured in Austin TX, Pet & Kid Friendly

This woodsy, floral scent is meant to be the “go to” candle for anytime you want to escape or get away. We promise… You will want several around your home for when you feel like opening a book or your laptop and going to a new location. Or maybe you are about to watch a new movie or TV series, this candle will definitely help you get into the mood. This one is good for calming the pets as you watch that flick. Absolutely no artificial fragrances or dyes. 100% Natural Soy Wax scented with Pure Essential Oils. Hand Poured in Austin, TX. The tin can be washed and reused for a ton of fun and cool purposes. Be sure to always read warning labels.

Product Features

  • CEDARWOOD LAVENDER 🌼This Spirit Candle is Scented with Cedarwood and Lavender Pure Essential Oils that are a therapeutic grade or higher. This is a fantastic blend of scents in a candle! 🔥 Light it when about to start your favorite movie or listen to your favorite podcast or audio-book. Our essential oils are sourced only from reputable suppliers that have been studied and tested. No heavy artificial fragrances are ever used to scent our candles. 🕯
  • 🌿We use only natural soy wax with organic hemp wicks. No paraffin wax or artificial dyes are ever used. Soy wax is free of chemical contaminants and toxins. These toxins can cause headaches among other issues in your home. Our candles are therapeutic and clean burning. We hand pour each and every candle, with care, in Austin TX 🕯
  • 📦Our candles are ideal for gift giving. They can be used during all seasons and are appropriate for any holiday or special event. Easy Shipping and you can leave a special message for your loved ones! 🕯