Unrivaled Candles Oceanside (8 oz) Jewelry Inside Valued at $10 to $10,000. Made in The USA. Great Gifts! Jewelry Candles with Fragrant Jewels, Rings, Earrings and Necklaces, Jackpot!

Hand made, paraffin wax blend, longer burning, fragrant candles. Each 8 oz or larger candle contains one free treasure, a random piece of jewelry with a Retail Value of $10 to $10,000. You cannot select the type, size, or color of your free treasure in this set (please see our Select-a-Size candles to choose). We have 3 men’s fragrances: Black Tie, Gentleman, and The Hunter which all come with men’s jewelry. All other fragrances come with women’s jewelry. Please, contact us right before you place your order if you’d like women’s jewelry in a men’s fragrance and vice versa.

Product Features

  • Oceanside – The perfect blend of floral underlined by fruits and tropical woods.
  • Highly fragrant, scented candles with jewelry inside valued at $10 to $10,000
  • Made in the USA. Great gifts, 2 in 1, Great scented candle and a fragrant jewel
  • The best fragrances you will find in jewelry candles, jackpot!
  • Jewelry candles with fragrant jewels, candles, rings, earrings and necklaces