White Jasmine Scented Candles – Set of 12 Scented Votive Candles – 10 Hour Burn Time – Made in the USA

Set of 12 White Jasmine Scented Votive Candles , Very Popular, Classic, Clean, Set of 12 White Jasmine Scented Votive Candles . Made in the USA. This Votive Candles with 10 Hour burn time each, Scented Votive Candles are very popular for home use, whether it may be arranged around the tub or jacuzzi, or at patio and pool gatherings , These same candles are purchased for use in some of the finest stores in the USA. The candles are 1.5 Inch in diameter and 1.1/4 Inch tall. Made In the USA, candles. They are professionally packed to arrive quickly and undamaged

Product Features

  • Set of 12 white votive candles with pleasant jasmine scent
  • Votives are 1.5 Inch in diameter x 1.25 Inch in height. Candles fit in most standard votive candle holders and lanterns
  • Made in the USA with quality wax from core to overdip so candles maintain color and scent throughout burning
  • Fill your home with the fresh aroma of jasmine, scented candles have a 10 hour burn time keeping your space smelling fresh all day long
  • Perfect for home, spas, parties and any occasion needing some extra ambiance